Water Softener


Water softener

Have you been tired of cleaning your dishes that have stains that do not vanish no matter how much soap you use? And to make things worse, your appliances like the water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine are wearing out quickly. You have been calling for repair and maintenance help. The plumbing fixtures are also wearing out, and the plumber’s visits are very frequent. You have uncontrolled hair fall and dry skin. Your electricity and water bills are also on the rise. The problem is very basic. You are having to deal with hard water that is flowing through your taps for your consumption. And you are not alone. Nuetech Solar’s water softener has softened hard water issues in many households.


Why is your water Hard ?

We all know from our school text books that water is just made of H2O (two hydrogen molecules and an oxygen molecule). But the water that we consume can have some contamination like minerals (iron, calcium, manganese, or aluminum) and bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye. Not all minerals are bad for us. But some minerals are. These minerals seep into water through groundwater rocks and from the soil in lakes and ponds. Sometimes, your water can also pick up unhealthy minerals and contaminants from your old and corroded plumbing system. Sometimes, harmful bacteria can also tag along with hard water sediments. Research has shown that bacteria can grow when there is water scaling

Arun has years of experience in water treatment, backed up by experienced engineers and technicians who are adept at giving solutions to all your hard water troubles. Arun uses the most tried and tested process of ion exchange to soften hard water. In ion exchange, hard minerals like calcium and magnesium are exchanged with soft minerals like sodium through a quality ion exchange resin. These soft minerals are healthy for consumption and also prevent fixtures, appliances, and dishes from scaling. Arun’s water softeners come in both manual and automatic models that can be made to suit apartments, individual homes, as well as industries.

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