High Temperature Heat Pumps



High-temperature heat pumps, or industrial heat pumps, can be defined as heat pumps that are able to deliver heat for industrial purposes. Domestic or commercial heat pump solutions are mostly limited to heat supply of around 70 °C to 80 °C, while industry processes are quite often designed for heat supply temperatures of around 100 °C to 200 °C.

High-temperature heat pumps are used for industrial/commercial purposes and are very important for the efficient running of an industry. Which is why they are also known as industrial heat pumps. High-temperature heat pumps can be used for everything from hot water production to upgrading waste energy used in other processes. They can also be used for hot oil storage projects, breweries, restaurants for kitchen sterilization, beverage factories, textile printing and dyeing industries, etc.


With the growth of industries in recent years, the importance of high temperature heat pumps has taken on a lot of priority. The ability of heat pumps to deliver processed heat makes them an integral and crucial aspect for several industries in terms of energy efficiency, utilisation of excess heat, and reduction of gas emissions.

Arun Solar’s high-temperature heat pumps are an energy-efficient and cost effective way of heating water for industrial needs. We have experts who will help you decide which heat pump is best suited to your industry and also help you with installation and maintenance.

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