Solar Street Lighting


Solar street lights are a symbol of a responsible and civilised society. We are living in a world where carbon footprints and other types of pollution are suffocating our ecology because of our thoughtlessness. In a world like this, the application of renewable energy like solar power in street lights will make our lives and the world a lot brighter. From the days of gas lamps, candle lights, and oil lamps that were acting as public street lights, to using solar power to illuminate public places, the energy revolution has come a long way. Humans have already been utilising solar energy for thousands of years, and it has evolved with time. And Nuetech Solar is only proud to be a part of this progress and innovation.

How Do They Work ?

Solar street lights work on the basis of the photovoltaic effect, which is a basic premise. Photovoltaic cells (solar cells) in solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy during the day. The battery is used to store this energy. From dusk to dawn, the solar lamp pulls current automatically and begins to illuminate the light source.

Solar street lights are elevated light sources that are either integrated into the pole or installed on the lighting structure and are powered by photovoltaic panels. The battery that powers the LED lamps at night is charged by these photovoltaic panels. The solar street light system with battery storage is typically a stand-alone system that stores electricity from solar panels. Dusk-to-dawn sensors are installed on the street lights, causing them to turn on automatically in the evening and switch off in the morning while collecting charge throughout the day.

Types of Solar Street Lights:

  • Integrated solar street light: In an integrated solar street light controller, the luminary, battery, and fixture come as a combined single unit, and the solar panel comes as a separate unit.
  • All in one solar street light: The installation of the All-in-One street light is simple because it does not require the use of any cables. These solar street lights are powered by an energy-efficient lithium battery and are one of the lightest kinds available.

Solar street light with a high mast

High mast lighting is a type of site light fixture used to illuminate broad areas like a junction or a circle from a very high mounting height for storage, transit, and pedestrian use and safety.


  • Solar street lights are not connected to the power grid. As a result, operation costs are low.
  • Solar street lights have low maintenance when compared to traditional street lights.
  • The chances of an accident are very low because external wires are not used.
  • It is eco-friendly, user-friendly, and pocket-friendly.


  • Automatic dusk- to-dawn operations: Operating solar panel street lights is easy as they turn off and on automatically. Which means the settings need not be changed manually based on weather conditions. On a cloudy, dark, and foggy day, the automatic on and off senses the intensity of light and turns on the solar light when the natural lights dim to specified levels during the day.
  • A Motion Sensor complements security: High mast solar street lights have a motion sensor that detects movement and adjusts the light level accordingly. This function allows solar street lights to be used as security lights. When no motion is detected, the brightness is reduced, and when movement is detected, the brightness is increased to 100 percent.
  • Freedom from dangling cables: Any normal street light requires the installation of wire all around it. The solar panel street lights, on the other hand, are wire-free. These are different from traditional street lights in that the entire product, including the battery, is compact and concealed inside, without the need for additional wiring on the outside. With solar-powered street lights, you will enjoy freedom from the clutter and worry of dangling wires and cables everywhere.
  • Saves money and batteries: Every new technology always has one question – is it economical? And a solar street light project is economical in the long run because, after the initial investment, you will be saving on your monthly electricity bills, which eventually offset your initial investment in solar street lighting. You can also save battery life by setting your controller to emit light based on your requirements. In other words, you do not need to waste your battery charge when there is no need for a very bright light.
  • Saves energy: Solar panel street lights get their power from solar energy, which is a renewable energy source, making them very environmentally friendly. The main benefit of solar street lights is that they will continue to illuminate the area even if there is a power cut. This feature increases the utility value of solar street lights in remote rural areas where power shortages are the norm of the day.
  • Easy maintenance and installation: Solar street lamps have built-in intelligence and therefore do not require manual operation after installation, making them both a safe and cost-effective solution to your public area lighting worries. The LED light is seafront-resistant, and you will enjoy years of trouble-free use in all weather conditions if installed properly. It has a healthy backup of two days.
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