Solar Integrated Heat Pumps



Solar-assisted heat also known as, solar-integrated heat pump or solar heat pumps work on an integrated technology, which is a combination of solar panels and heat pump. Also called a solar thermal heat pump, a solar heat pump is perhaps the most effective way to get hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate and environment. Additionally, the fuel they use is sunshine; it is absolutely free.

Solar-assisted heat pump systems include a solar thermal panel that performs the function of a low-temperature heat source. The heat generated by the thermal panel is further used to feed the heat pump’s evaporator. The ultimate goal of a solar heat pump is to get a high COP and produce energy cost-efficiently. If you are planning to buy solar pumps, we are the best solar heat pump company in India, offering a wide range of heat pumps.


If you are looking to replace your electric heater with something that is cost-saving, environment-caring, energy-efficient and user-friendly, a solar-integrated heat pump should be at the top of your research. Solar-assisted heat pumps are reliable, and can reduce your electricity and fuel bills, as well as carbon emissions.

Conventional water heaters vs. Solar-integrated water heater (comparison)

With a combustion fuel-fired furnace or electric water heater, you will incur high electricity or fuel charges. Carbon emissions are another thing you will end up feeling guilty about. While standard heat pumps consume low electricity and no fuel charges and cause no harm to the environment, solar-assisted heat pumps go another step forward and reduce your power consumption further by using solar panels to collect heat from sunlight while still maintaining cost efficiency and keeping ecological balance intact. Also, a solar integrated system is an energy-efficient way to use the heat generated by the thermal panels in the winter. So, when normal heat pump water heaters are always a great choice, solar-assisted heat pumps stand as the winner, ticking all the positives.

Benefits of Using a Solar Integrated Heat Pump :

There are plenty of benefits to using solar integrated heat pumps. If you are planning to buy a solar heat pump and are looking for just one reason, you will go home happy with many reasons that helped you make the decision to buy a solar integrated heat pump from Arun Solar. We have listed below almost all the reasons that will make you feel proud about owning a solar assisted heat pump. But these are only tangibles. When you buy solar integrated heat pumps from Arun Solar, you will go home with many intangibles like customer satisfaction, expert advice, and a sense of pride and responsibility for having owned what is good for you and the world around you.

  • You can use a solar-assisted heat pump to suit your needs without worrying about high electricity costs.
  • 24×7 hot water throughout the year
  • Heat pump and solar panels integrated into a single system give you the advantages of both technologies.
  • 24×7 hot water throughout the year with low maintenance.
  • Huge savings on electricity bills and low operating costs.
  • An eco-friendly option as it reduces carbon emissions and global warming.

Demand for solar integrated heat pump

Pollution, carbon emission, global warming and depleting natural resources have really become concerns of the modern world. The modern man is growing more and more aware of this situation and is trying to find solutions through alternative sources of energy like solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, and natural gas.

And this is where the demand for products that use solar energy is gaining popularity. Solar integrated heat pumps are a one-time investment that provides hot water 24/7 with reduced electricity bills and low operating costs. Why would you not want to buy a solar integrated heat pump? Arun is here to help.

Auto on and off connection

Auto on and off is one of the best features of our solar heat pumps. How does this work? If there is sufficient sunlight or if the water has reached your set temperature, the connection is cut off, ensuring there is no wastage of electricity. If the hot water is below the set temperature or if there is insufficient sunlight, the heat pump will automatically get started (turned on), thus using electricity only when needed.

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