Flat Plate Collectors (FPC)


Solar water heating systems that use Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) as thermal collectors, convert the energy received from the sun to heat energy, transfers the Solar heat energy which is then transferred to heat the water. This heated water reaches your tap through your pipelines. Flat Plate Collectors act as heat exchangers making use of nature’s greenhouse effect. The large heat absorbing flat plate made of copper or aluminum which collects heat justifies the name – Flat Plate Collector (FPC).

An FPC consists of the heat absorbing plates which are painted black or chemically etched black to facilitate maximum heat absorption and copper pipes called risers that are soldered to the surface of the heat absorbing plates. The many risers (copper pipes because they are good conductors of heat) run length wise across the flat plates carrying water or heat transfer fluids in them. The plates and their risers are framed in a wooden box or an insulated metal box with a glazing sheet. While this box protects the flat plates and the risers, it does not absorb the heat. To minimize the loss of heat to its surroundings, the flat plates are cushioned with high temperature rigid foam or other insulating material and aluminum foil acts as a reflector.

The sun heats up the flat plate surface and this heat is conducted through the risers to the water that it is holding within, which is then passed on to you as hot water.

FPCs are the very reliable, efficient and one of the most cost efficient system of water heating. Given their simple design, low cost and easy installation FPCs suit residential needs very well. FPCs are efficient enough to deliver good volumes of hot water at the expected temperature. Also FPCs can be customized as per your needs. Nuetech Solar, being one of the best solar water heater system provider will be happy to help you with this.

Sun Pot – FPC


  • Tried – Tested – Trusted Flat Plate Collector ( FPC) Technology as per BIS Standards.
  • Hi-Efficiency Copper Absorber.
  • Hi-Absorptivity Solar Grade Textured Toughened Glass.
  • Non-Corrosive Stainless – Steel Inner Tank up to 300 LPD.
  • Sleek, Smart & Strong power coated G.I Support stand.
  • Suitable for soft water up to 300ppm.
  • Special Turbo-Coated M.S.Inner Tanks for Capacities Absorber 500LPD.
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